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Design Office - Engineering

42, rue de Paradis
75010 - Paris - France
Phone: +(33) 1 44 83 68 83

Sector of intervention

Environmental development
Under sector of intervention
Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering


The Interprofessional Technical Centre for Studies on Air Pollution (CITEPA) is a not-for-profit organisation (1901 French Charities Act). It identifies, analyses and distributes data and methods on atmospheric pollution – especially air emissions – and climate change. To carry out its mission for the French Environment Ministry, CITEPA produces national inventories of atmospheric pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions to meet France's international commitments, in particular to the EU and the United Nations (UNECE). It also conducts techno-economic and forward studies and offers training courses, expert and advisory services and conducts GHG and other audits for businesses and local government authorities. CITEPA also acts in an expert capacity for the EU and other international institutions, particularly the United Nations (UN). CITEPA has about 75 members (industry, professional federations and unions, energy utilities, automobile manufacturers, eco-industries, consultancies and measuring laboratories). CITEPA has received ISO 9001 certification for its inventories and studies.


In France

The French National Air Emissions Inventories and Audits System on behalf of the Environment Ministry; INERIS; the National Federation of Approved Air Quality Monitoring Associations (AASQA); the AASQA for Alsace (ASPA) and the Paris region (AIRPARIF); Energies Demain; the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME).


New Caledonia's Directorate for Industry, Mining and Energy (DIMENC); the local delegation of the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME); I2E Tunisia; ARIA Technologies; Tunisia's National Environment Agency (ANPE); Kyoto Protocol – domestic projects (Studies conducted by CITEPA for Air Liquide, EcoAct, Danone, Comhurex, Rhodia, Association Nord-Est, Lille Urban Area Authority)

Key figures

Staff: 26
Turnover: 2.7 millions euros
International turnover: 290 K€ thousands euros


Managing Director
Phone: +(33) 1 44 83 68 83


Air - Energy efficiency - Environmental development - Renewable energy