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Component manufacturers - Manufacturer
14 Avenue Jean Perrin
92330 - Sceaux - France
Phone: +33 1 83 79 13 55

Sector of intervention

Air quality and odours control
Under sector of intervention
Analysis - Measurement - Monitoring - Indoor air quality - Particles


Clean air is integral to our lives and should be available to all. However air pollution is one of the biggest challenges facing modern societies and is detrimentally impacting our lives, health and communities.

In 2014, TEQOYA embarked on a mission to provide clean air while respecting the environment. Our breakthrough innovation relies on air ionization and is based on patented technology developed through 15 years of research.

TEQOYA ionizers are 100% ozone free and respectful to the environment, performing continuous air purification silently. Our products are built to last – durable and sleek, they fit in seamlessly anywhere. TEQOYA is designed and manufactured in France using the highest quality components.

TEQOYA, introduced at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, winning at the French Touch 2016 Conference in New York, winner of Scientipôle Initiative and French Tech Tour China of Business France, offers 2 air purifiers for home (Tip9 and Tip24).

Let TEQOYA help you live better by taking care of the air you breathe.


Example of accomplishments

TEQOYA Leaflet

(pdf - 1.9 Mo)

Certifications, labels or price

Winner of:

·         French Touch Conference 2016 New York

·         Scientipôle Initiative

·         French Tech Tour China 2016 of Business France

Key figures

Staff: 10
Turnover: --
International turnover: --


Mr Pierre Guitton
Founder and CTO
Phone: +33 6 98 88 20 10


Air - Cleantech - Eco-city - Engineering - Environmental development

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