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Component manufacturers - Manufacturer
Z.A Les Laurons CS 65
26111 - Nyons Cedex - France
Phone: +(33) 4 75 26 47 69
Fax: +(33) 4 75 26 47 87

Sector of intervention

Water infrastructure
Under sector of intervention
Membrane plant


TAMI Industries manufactures ceramic membranes used for molecular separation in liquids (microfiltration, ultrafiltration and fine ultrafiltration). The main interest of these membranes in adition to their long life span they resist to high temperature (steam sterilisable), extreme pH, solvents, oxydants and almost all other chemicals. They have a long life time. Furthermore TAMI Industries ceramic membranes offer furthermore a filtration surface area unsurpassed by any competitor. Due to these characteristics, ceramic crossflow membranes are used in different markets:

The use of membranes in environmental applications is becoming more common because it allows, in many cases, to reject effluent meeting the norms and recycle process water whilst eliminating their pollutant loads

It is possible, for example, through innovative processes developed by TAMI, to recycle the cleaning water of flexographic printing or degreasing baths for metal parts , direct to nature, to treat landfill leachates, effluents from industry, etc. ...


More than 900 customers over the world

Certifications, labels or price

  ISO 9001 - 2008

Key figures

Staff: 15
Turnover: --
International turnover: 90% overseas


Sales and Marketing departments
Phone: +(33) 4 75 26 47 69
Fax: +(33) 4 75 26 47 87


Manufacturer - Water

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