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Component manufacturers - Manufacturer - Design Office - Engineering
10, rue Jean Perrin
37170 - Chambray les Tours -
Phone: +33 9 79 49 50 83

Sector of intervention

Renewables energies
Under sector of intervention
Biogas - Fuel cells - Photovoltaic solar - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Small-scale hydroelectric energy - Wind power


PowiDian is a start-up spin-off Airbus Defence & Space.

After an Airbus 4 years / 10 M€ R&D programs', mastering disruptive and patented technologies, we design smart autonomous green energy stations, from 100 W to 500 kW, stationary or mobile, using all type of renewable energies and implementing, with a lot of software intelligence, an innovative storage (Li-ion batteries and/or hydrogen).

Designed for isolated sites or equipment, critical infrastructures or eco-buildings, our energy stations provide, anytime, anywhere, a reliable and non-polluting power.

In two years, PowiDian, awarded by the COP 21 trophy, has already prestigious customers as EDF (French national utility and one of the biggest in the world), the National Park of La Vanoise (Alps), The French Directorate General of Armaments, the French military police, the French Air Force, Galéo Promotion (real-estate promoter, positive energy buildings).


  • RENESTA : European program for the development of a smart autonomous green energy station.
  • Autonomous green energy station of the Palet refuge, National Park of La Vanoise (French Alps).
  • Energy solution for the “Convoy Protection” System of Airbus Defence & Space.
  • Energy solution for autonomous advanced military weather stations for MOSS (subsidiary of Thales and Airbus Defence & Space).
  • Autonomous green energy station for the village of Mafate, La Réunion island, for EDF utility
  • Energy systems for french military police telecoms relays.
  • Autonomous green energy station for an energy positive office building.

Example of accomplishments

(docx - 125.2 Ko)

Certifications, labels or price

  • Best spin-off Airbus 2014
  • Label competitive cluster S2e2 smart electricity cluster
  • Innovation prize of the Local Mayors and Communities Exhibition 2015.
  • Trophy of COP 21.

Key figures

Staff: 10
Turnover: 400 thousands euros
International turnover: 250


Mr Sylvain Charrier
Business development director
Phone: +33 7 86 71 43 49


Air - Building - Cleantech - Consultancy - Eco-city - Engineering - Environmental development - Industry - Manufacturer - Noise - Photovoltaïc - Renewable energy - Sustainable - Wind power

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