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Component manufacturers - Manufacturer
12 rue Jules Horowitz
38000 - Grenoble - France
Phone: +(33) 4 58 00 36 96

Sector of intervention

Energy efficiency
Under sector of intervention
Energy efficiency


Lancey Energy Storage designs and produces Lancey, the first smart electric heater equipped
with a battery and a native energy management system (EMS). By fine tuning heating to
user’s needs and storing cheap off peak electricity to power the radiator during peak periods,
it is up to 50% cheaper to run than other electric space heaters. Furthermore, it is beneficial
to the environment. Thanks to its battery that charges during off peak hours to power the
radiator during peak hours, Lancey heater almost never consumes electricity during peak
demand, when its production releases more CO2. When a rooftop photovoltaic installation
is installed, the EMS and battery of Lancey heaters enable to maximize its auto-consumption
rate. Furthermore, Lancey heater’s battery can be used to provide flexibility services to the
electricity network, that are increasingly needed with the development of renewable energies.


For the moment we have no export track record since all our sales have been done in France. It is yet a development axis for 2018/19, which is the reason why we joined the Club Ademe International. 

Example of accomplishments


(png - 4.81 Mo)

Certifications, labels or price

Lancey Energy Storage has received several awards for its innovation : • Innotrophée start-up 2016 awarded by Simon Associés, • 1st prize of the Pollutec Innovation Showcase 2016, • EDF Pulse Award “Smart Energy” Auvergne Rhône Alpes 2016, • 1st prize ot the Rotary trophees 2016, • Paul-Louis Merlin Award 2017 • Finalist of the Smart Home Award by Fnac Darty and Engie

Key figures

Staff: 10
Turnover: 500 thousands euros
International turnover: --


Mr Raphaël MEYER
Phone: +(33) 6 60 84 21 40


Building - Cleantech - Energy efficiency

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