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Service Company
44, rue Cambronne
75015 - Paris - France
Phone: 01 53 65 26 86

Sector of intervention

Energy efficiency - Renewables energies
Under sector of intervention
Energy efficiency - Photovoltaic solar - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering


GreenYellow is an energy transition accelerator. This energy expert provides its customers, companies and local authorities, in France and internationally, with a range of innovative and adapted solutions enabling them to produce, control their consumption, save energy and reduce their energy consumption. ecological footprint. GreenYellow is one of the rare energy players to have expertise on all the components of an energy bill: both in the production of decentralized energy (in particular photovoltaic), the guaranteed reduction of consumption (l energy efficiency) and energy services (purchasing energy, managing consumption and advising on energy strategy). In 10 years, GreenYellow has become the leader in solar photovoltaic self-consumption in France, the leading producer of solar photovoltaic energy in the Indian Ocean region and the leading player in energy efficiency in Colombia and Brazil. The 250 GreenYellow employees are located in 8 countries (France, Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, Indian Ocean and Africa).


  • 180 million euros savings on the energy bill of its customers
  • KWH of saving achieved
  • 140 tons of CO2 avoided
  • More than 150 solar plants (construction,operation)
  • 190 MWc installed capacity
  • 1 000 000 m2 photovoltaic plants developed
  • 1500 EPC (40% out of France)
  • More than 600 sites certified ISO 50.001

Example of accomplishments

Viva Wajira 2.jpg(jpg - 3 Mo)

Key figures

Staff: 260
Turnover: --
International turnover: --


Mrs Aurélia ELISE
Responsable Marketing et Communication
Phone: 01 53 65 26 86

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