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Design Office - Engineering
43 bis rue d’Hautpoul
75019 - Paris - France
Phone: +(33)1 42 02 50 80

Sector of intervention

Soils remediation - Air quality and odours control - Biodiversity and landscape - Energy efficiency - Environmental development - Renewables energies - Risk - Sustainable urban planning - Waste management - Water infrastructure
Under sector of intervention
Architecture - Biogas - Biomass - Carbon Balance - Coastal and marine environment - Eco-design - Energy efficiency - Energy extraction from waste - Environmental approach of urbanism - Environmental Regulations - Fuel cells - Geothermal energy - Implementing territorial sustainable development policies - Life cycle analysis, auditing and diagnostics - Natural risks - Photovoltaic solar - Phytoremediation - Prevention of natural risks - Protection of the biodiversity - Protection of the cultural heritage - Rainwater management unit - Recycling and exploiting materials - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Small-scale hydroelectric energy - Thermal solar - Water re-use and saving - Wind power - Wood energy


The agency Franck Boutté Consultants is a leader and authority in the fields of environmental engineering and design and sustainable development, applied to buildings, districts, towns and land. It covers a large range of disciplines and skills (bioclimatology and passive strategies, comfort, atmospheres, health, management and improvement of resources, energy, water, design and improvement of building envelopes, natural ventilation, advanced modelling and simulation, encouraging renewable energies, carbon policy and LCA, French and overseas environmental and energy certifications, energy strategies, etc.) and is involved in all stages, from materials to land. The agency employs engineers, architects, and urban planners, often with varied backgrounds, with a total of 26 employees spread between Paris, Bordeaux and Nantes.  Its holistic philosophy is based on intellectual tools, a huge range of digital tools (3D modelling, digital mock-ups and BIM, advanced energy and climate simulations, comfort, lighting, ventilation, etc.) and experimental procedures (development of methods and tools). This allows it to address all environmental issues for both buildings and urban organisations, by proposing a significant number of innovations and by emphasising R&D. 


  • 55 000 ha for the Nature / Agence TER, Redeveloping nature by way of buildings projects, make more of nature with more of population. (Biodiversity, strategies of valuation of the territory, transports)
  • New town of Zenata / RRA, ecology of the Sout, low-tech strategy. (Natural urban Ventilation, morphology, blue weft, green weft, Natural Light Analysis, DTS)
  • International consultation of Greater Moscow / the AUC, Drawing up of a preliminary development project in the city of Moscow in view of the 150,000-hectare extension. (alterity and solidarity strategy between areas and between programmes, based on enhancing and networking the potential of each for the benefit of others)
  • National Workshop / Obras-Alphaville, strategy design for areas undergoing change. (Comparative Studies, analyses of the risks, discussions on the values and specific features of an areas)
  • Workshop of Territories / Franck Boutté Consultants, Design of energy transition strategies
  • Campus Bordeaux / AUA Paul Chemetov - DV-Quille Construction, bioclimatic skin, requalification of several existing buildings. (Double glass skin, insulation by air, preservation of existing buildings, DTS)


  • French School of Cairo / DDI Architects, South ecology, low-tech strategy. (Natural ventilation)
  • Town hall of Bordeaux / Paul Andreu Richez + Associates,  Sharing of energy production. (Mutualisation of energy resources, production sharing with adjacent historic building)

Example of accomplishments

Scientific Campus Restructuration, Bordeaux University / AUA Paul Chemetov - DV - Quille Construction

Program:Restructuration and extension of the 16 buildings that comprises Science and technology department, including 8 « double skin » buildings.

Location :Bordeaux FRANCE

Client :Société de réalisation immobilière et d’aménagement de l’Université de Bordeaux

Architect : Paul Chemetov + Debarre-Duplantier Associés + DV Construction + Quille Construction

Concept / innovation:Design of a double skin to preserve the historical facade and to reduce overall energy consumption of the building. During winter, the double skin generates warm air around the building ; during summer, the double skin is opened through mobile louvers and to generate a natural air movement which cools the interior.

Performance :Renovation BBC

Certification :HQE renovation, HQE exploitation

Price :122 M€

Size :77 000m²

Completed :2016 / In construction

(pdf - 544.87 Ko)

55000 hectares for nature / Agence TER

Operation This competitive dialogue, coming out of the "50,000 dwellings on public transport routes" programme sets out to draw up enhancement strategies to put nature at the heart of the metropolitan project in the area of the Urban Community of Bordeaux

Mission To develop a "nature strategy" for the metropolitan area of Bordeaux and address five issues identified in the area:how to make nature bring together this densely populated city; what value to place on large natural spaces; what use to make of floodplains and wetlands; can the area’s identity stand out from the green and blue belt infrastructure; lastly, how to manage time on brownfields and areas that are undergoing change.

Studies Reading and analysis of three forms of presence of nature around Bordeaux:ecological nature for a city that stands up in the face of climate change and is generating biocapacity; social nature, the source of social civility and connections; lastly, economic nature that creates resources for the metropolis.Implementation of an action strategy based on the principle of 1 = 1 + 1; each building project has its own nature project and is set out in the form of operational tools adapted to the diversity of metropolitan area contexts.

Innovation Proposal for an innovative financing operation for redeveloping nature by way of building projects:the natural stock exchange

Clients Urban Community of Bordeaux

Team Agence TER (agents), Res Publica, Blézat Consulting, Attitudes Urbaines, Rivière-Environnement, BRL Ingénierie

Surface area27 communes, 710,000 inhabitants, 55,000ha, half of which made up of natural spaces

Cost Consultation (no cost)

Date and implementation timescales 3 dialogue sessions:October 2012, December 2012, February 2013 for implementation from May 2013 – January 2014

(pdf - 429.22 Ko)

North-West Alsace Area workshop / Franck Boutté Consultants

Operation Design of energy transition strategies for North-West Alsace

Mission Assistance with project management for DREAL Alsace for the creation of sustainable planning and development strategies on the theme of energy transition and so-called ‘between two’ areas

Studies Area diagnosis based on its specific features, its values and local authority projects in progress.Spatial and graphical representation of our area vision for jointly drawing up an area strategy with the key players.Leadership of three two-day workshop sessions with local councillors.Drafting of a roadmap setting out the strategic actions that will enable the area to move from a fossil fuel dependent model to a sustainable model.

Framework Public contracting

ClientsMinistry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy – Ministry of Territorial Equality and Housing

Project team Franck Boutté Consultants (agent), Alphaville, RRA, Urbanact

Surface area Pays de Saverne Plaine et Plateau area + one or two local sites

Dates April – December 2015

(pdf - 377.57 Ko)

National Worshop "Areas undergoing change exposed to risks" / Obras - Alphaville

Operation Strategy design for areas undergoing change

Mission Drawing up of urban, social and technical responses to the objective of reducing area vulnerability

Studies Comparative studies on 4 selected sites by the Ministry of Territorial Equality and Housing for drawing up a joint strategy.Discussions based on the values and specific features of an area to plan sustainably and to repair and prepare the area for its future purpose using known site risks and make them project assets.

Framework Public contracting

Clients Ministry of Territorial Equality and Housing

Planners Obras / Alphaville

Surface area 4 different sites: Compiègne-Creil, Val de Fensch-Vallée de l’Orne, Vallée de l’Argens, St Pierre des Corps.

Dates 2013 - 2015

(pdf - 555.6 Ko)

Development of Bercy Charenton sector / Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners - AJN - TVK - Michel Desvigne - AREP - Ingerop - RFR

Procedure Urban project management of the Bercy Charenton sector development, Paris

Area Sustainable Development section

Studies Reclaiming of railway and highway infrastructures and changes to industrial rights-of-way and logistics. Creating a real city space, a mixed-use and balanced neighbourhood

Label Climate plan

ScopePublic contracting

Client City of Paris

Team Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners / Ateliers Jean Nouvel / TVK / Michel Desvigne Paysagiste / AREP / Ingérop / RFR

Site 63 Ha

Dates 2010-2013 (Mandatory phases), 2013-2018 (Optional phases)

(pdf - 739.93 Ko)

International Consultation on the future of Greater Moscow / AUC

Location Moscow (Russia)

Mission International consultation on the future of the Russian capital.Drawing up of a preliminary development project in the city of Moscow in view of the 150,000-hectare extension planned for the south-west of the city between now and 2030. 

InnovationProposal for an alterity and solidarity strategy between areas and between programmes, based on enhancing and networking the potential of each for the benefit of others.This potential is studied cross-functionally:energy, ecosystem, social, economic and cultural resources.

Clients City of Moscow

Dates 2012 (tender lost)

Team AUC (agents), Bureau Bas Smets, Bernaskoni, Institute for Urban Economics

(pdf - 298.44 Ko)

Certifications, labels or price

(2009) Mention at the symposium PassivHuis in Brussels for a social housing building in Fréquel Fontarabie neighborhood, Paris, with LAN Architecture

(2009) Great Prize of Architecture in Midi-Pyrénées for Gallieni High-school in Toulouse, with Claude Vasconi et Associés

(2012) Agora Prize from Bordeaux’s Biennale for 26 apartments in Lormont for “the complexity to build them under the Aquitaine Bridge and for the beauty of the project”, with Ateliers Jean Nouvel + Habiter Autrement

(2012) EDF Low Carbon price of the "Prospective Urban" for Residential building, nursery and shops in Paris, with Naud Consultants Architects & Lice

(2012) Fund Award for Innovation EPL / EDF for House of the Euro-Mediterranean Research and Ingémédia Institute in Toulon with ANMA-Nicolas Michelin & Associés


(2014) Winner EDF Low Carbon. 15 wooden houses in 4 sites different in Gennevilliers with Djuric Tardio.


Key figures

Staff: 26
Turnover: --
International turnover: --


Ms Claire Eichel
Chargée de communication
Phone: +(33)1 42 02 50 80


Advices - Air - Biodiversity - Building - Carbon - City - Consultancy - Eco-city - Energy efficiency - Engineering - Environmental development - Landscape - Photovoltaïc - Renewable energy - Smart grid - Sustainable - Urbanism

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