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Design Office - Engineering
Carrefour Jean Monnet
60200 - Compiègne -
Phone: +33 3 44 86 44 20
Fax: +33 3 44 86 27 86

Sector of intervention

Renewables energies - Waste management
Under sector of intervention
Biomass - Energy extraction from waste - Methane generation - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Thermal treatment - Wood energy


ETIA proposes equipment and turnkey process for turning waste and biomass residue into valuable product and thermal energy and electricity.

ETIA is then fully involve into production of renewable energy.

ETIA develops also solutions for off grid and on grid small and medium power plant for Africa and South East Asia from MSW and plastics residue.

All ETIA's solutions come from proprietary, patented and exclusive solution.

10% of the turnover of the company is dedicated to R&D


Range of products:


BIOGREEN: Pyrolysis process to convert biomass and waste into valuable product and energy

PYROGREEN: Complete turn key solution to convert biomass residue into Biocoal, Biochar and syngas

PYROSLUDGE: Complete turn key solution to convert sewage sludge, digestat or manure into biochar and energy

PYROPOWER: Complete turnkey solution to convert RDF, plastics or scraps tyres into electricity






ETIA's export represents 95% of its turnover in more than 35 countries.

Recently ETIA has set up BIOGREEN AFRICA, a subsidiary company to propose its solution to African market

Certifications, labels or price

ETIA is awarded "BPI EXCELLENCE" as one of the 3000 most innovative companies in France

Key figures

Staff: 35
Turnover: 8.2 millions euros
International turnover: 5500000 Euros


Mr Olivier Lepez
Phone: +33 6 68 45 44 20


Carbon - Cleantech - Energy efficiency - Engineering - Manufacturer - Methanisation - Renewable energy - Sustainable - Waste

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