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Component manufacturers - Manufacturer
111, boulevard Robespierre CS80004
78304 - Poissy - France
Phone: +(33) 1 39 22 38 00
Fax: +(33) 1 39 65 38 08

Sector of intervention

Air quality and odours control - Energy efficiency - Environmental development - Renewables energies - Risk - Sustainable urban planning - Waste management - Water infrastructure
Under sector of intervention
Analysis - Measurement - Monitoring - Biogas - Biological treatment / Composting fermentation - Biomass - Chemical-physical processes - Combating greenhouse gases - Combating greenhouse gases technology - Design offices for modelling of atmospheric dispersion - Eco-design and clean technologies - Eco-materials, Eco-design and Eco-products, Alternative raw materials - Energy efficiency - Energy extraction from waste - Environmental approach of urbanism - Environmental Regulations - Fermenter, Digester, Methanizer - Fuel cells - Gas and fumes - Gas Pollutants - Indoor air quality - Industrial ecology - Industrial risks - IT and software - IT and software - Marine - Methane generation - Natural risks - Odorous compounds - Particles - Personal protective equipment - Prevention of industrial risks - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Sewage treatment plant - Technical Centres - Training in preventing industrial risks - VOC - Waste centres


Design, manufacture and supply of continuous monitoring, sampling and measuring instruments for process and environment:

  • Indoor and outdoor pollution monitoring systems (gas and particulate analyzers). Air quality surveillance networks (mobile and fixed laboratories).  Environmental information management systems: DAS and software
  • Solutions for industries: process and continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS). Gas monitors (HCI, SO2, NO, NO2, NOX, N2O, CO, CO2, CH4, HC, TOC, NH3, HF, H2S, TRS, O2 ...), Dioxins, Mercury samplers, Particulate analyzers, Solids and flue gas flow monitors, Level control, Moisture monitoring, Data acquisition systems, Processing and reporting software...
  • Cairpol miniature sensors for fugitive emission detection and odor measurement on industrial sites.
  • On-line water quality analyzers and warning stations
  • Engine exhaust gas monitoring systems
  • Radionuclide monitoring


In France
  • Main supplier of the national air quality monitoring networks AASQA (Airparif, Aspa, Airmaraix,…)
  • More than 1000 emission monitoring systems for urban or industrial waste incinerators, cement plants and power plants (Veolia, LAB, Novergie, CNIM, Total, Lafarge, Inova, EDF...)
  • River water quality control : Veolia, Lyonnaise des Eaux, SEDIF...
  • Over 35,000 Environnement S.A's air quality monitors equip the pollution monitoring networks in major cities of the world: Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Lisbon, Barcelona, Seoul, Mecca, Delhi, Moscow, Paris, Budapest, Mombay, Tunis, Dubai, Bankok, Saint Petersburg, Bamako, Beijing, Chongqing... 
  • With over 6,000 references worldwide, Environnement S.A's wide range of process and stack emission monitoring instruments cover all industrial applications: waste incinerators, power generation plants, petrochemical industries, cement plants, paper mills, tire factories...
  • Water quality monitoring in the main rivers of Spain, Italy, and in Brazil, Poland...
  • Engine exhaust gas monitoring systems used in test cells worldwide by manufacturers, test laboratories, research institutions, fuel producers, regulatory agencies (Pratt & Whitney, Weichai Power CO. Ltd, Deutz Engine CO Ltd, U.S. Army & NASA, Mahle Powertrain, Artic Cat, Cateriplar, Renault, SNECMA...)

Example of accomplishments

Certifications, labels or price

Certified “OSEO Excellence”, Environnement S.A has been awarded for export development on several occasions: Euro SME prize (Crédit Lyonnais Bank), National Oscar of Export, Gold Mercury of Export (Chamber of Commerce of Val d’Oise Yvelines), the Sustainable Development Award (MOCI, The International Trade Magazine), Best export performance of the French eco-business, Oxygen Trophee… Its development is also based on solid partnerships with Government ministries, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), public laboratories and research universities, regular users and customers such as national and International Air Quality Monitoring Networks, National Laboratories for Certification, Advance Research Engine Gas Centers, Veolia Group, Alstom Group, MHI, CETREL, E.ON, Bechtel, Technip…

Key figures

Staff: 450
Turnover: 70.6 millions euros
International turnover: 76%


Mrs Pompilia SOPCO
Marketing and Communication Manager
Phone: +(33) 1 39 22 38 00
Fax: +(33) 1 39 65 38 08


Air - City - Cleantech - Eco-city - Energy efficiency - Engineering - Environmental development - Industry - Manufacturer - Methanisation - Odours - Risk - Service provider - Smart grid - Sustainable - Urbanism - Waste - Water

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