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Design Office - Engineering
ZI La Pile - 175 Avenue Ferdinand de Lesseps
13760 - Saint-Cannat - France
Phone: +(33) 4 42 68 16 60
Fax: +(33) 4 42 68 16 61

Sector of intervention

Air quality and odours control - Energy efficiency - Environmental development - Renewables energies - Sustainable urban planning - Waste management - Water infrastructure
Under sector of intervention
Analysis - Measurement - Monitoring - Carbon Balance - Clean Development Mechanisms - Combating greenhouse gases - Combating greenhouse gases technology - Corporate social responsibility - Environmental Regulations - Gas Pollutants - Implementing territorial sustainable development policies - Indoor air quality - Methane generation - Odorous compounds - Particles - Photovoltaic solar - Recycling and exploiting materials - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Sewage, industrial, cleansing and dredging sludge - Thermal solar - Treatment and sorting - VOC - Water re-use and saving


Envirogroup, Holding company, gathering businesses and investments whose activities offer practical and innovative solutions for private & public players in their transition steps towards a low carbon economy.



Design, installation, operation of environmental monitoring and deployment of renewable energy, particularly in isolated sites. Solutions and services dedicated to scientific institutions, industries & mines, rural communities...



Integrated solution for the sustainable cities and responsible companies, to considerably reduce the carbon impact of development and urban projects. Our teams provide tailored advice, identify low-carbon technologies best suited for the utilities - water, energy and environment.

We provide installation services and overall project management (Waste water treatment with bamboo, Solar powered intelligent waste collector, Composting unit, Battery and Electronic waste recycling).


With the collaboration of I CARE & CONSULT* / CONSULTING

Support corporates & local authorities in their strategy of energy and environmental transitions around 8 areas of expertise: Energy & Climate / Air Quality and health / Biodiversity / Circular Economy / Territorial and environmental planning / Sustainable City / Sustainable Corporate/ Sustainable products

*Coming from merging between the consulting division of Enviroconsult (an Envirogroup company) and the company I Care Environment.



• Companies: CEA, LSCE, Paris Observatory, Bâle and Lyon Airports, Assystem, Gerflor, Systra, SNC Lavalin, TNT Express, Bodycote, Campbell Soup, Lyreco, April Assurances, SPIE, Toupargel,...

• Regional and Local authorities: Rhône-Alpes, PACA, Ile de France, Picardie, Normandy, Franche-Comté, Languedoc Roussillon, Lorraine, North Region, City of Grenoble, City of Chamonix, City of Arles, Côte d’Azur Habitat, Habitat Marseille Provence...French Ministry of Environment: DREAL PACA and Rhône-Alpes, Centre, Champagne Ardennes, Aquitaine.



• State of Minas Gerais & Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil), Foundation Mohammed VI & City of Casablanca (Morocco), Cities of DaNang(Vietman),Ulaanbaatar(Mongolia). Corporates:UTE Fluminence (EDF Brasil), CMPC (Brasil), CIPREL (Ivory Coast), NCMS(UAE), Exelis (USA),...

• Many references on remote sites: Tristan Da Cunha, Cape Verde, St-Helena, Easter Island, Kiribati Madagascar, Chili, Kenya, Papua New Guinea,...

• Referenced with AFD, ADEME, UNESCO, ONU, WB...

Key figures

Staff: 18
Turnover: 2 millions euros
International turnover: 1,6 million euros


Mr Olivier DECHERF
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +(33) 4 42 68 16 60
Fax: +(33) 4 42 68 16 61


Advices - Air - Biodiversity - Carbon - City - Consultancy - Eco-city - Energy efficiency - Engineering - Environmental development - Odours - Photovoltaïc - Reclycling - Renewable energy - Sustainable - Urbanism - Waste - Water

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