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Service Company
7 rue Henri Rochefort
75017 - Paris - France
Phone: +331 83 64 47 43

Sector of intervention

Waste management
Under sector of intervention
Recycling and exploiting materials


ECOSLOPS is the sole company proposing a sustainable solution for the treatment and valorisation of oily waste.


Our process is unique, designed by 5 years of R&D.


Nowadays our engineers are continuously working on the improvement of our systems and on the design and adaptation of new concepts and solutions.


We develop facilities in Frane and abroad with a project portfolio covering 5 continents.


Our first industrial unit, in Sinès Portugal, started its operation in June 2015.

Certifications, labels or price

Award winner of the Concours Mondial de l'Innovaiton

Key figures

Staff: 50
Turnover: 4.4 millions euros
International turnover: --


Mr Wladimir Makinsky
Business Development Director
Phone: +331 83 64 47 43


Service provider - Waste

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