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Design Office - Engineering - Service Company
145 rue Louis Barran
38430 - Saint-Jean de Moirans - France
Phone: +(33) 4 76 93 79 90
Fax: +(33) 4 76 93 79 91

Sector of intervention

Energy efficiency
Under sector of intervention
Energy efficiency - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering


Energy management, supply, regulation, monitoring, support to reduce energy consumptions, for infrastructures, buildings and industries.


AUTOMATIQUE & INDUSTRIE develops and integrates complete, suitable, open and sustainable solutions to get your facilities on the path to greater energy efficiency. Our end-to-end turnkey solutions are based on open architectures and can be highly customized.


AUTOMATIQUE & INDUSTRIE  has the technical capabilities and expertise to ensure the success of your projects while guaranteeing seamless integration with your existing systems. Our solutions allow to describe the virtual circle of energy efficiency:



AUTOMATIQUE & INDUSTRIE works with you at every stage of the investment lifecycle from the initial feasibility study to operational maintenance. From the preliminary planning and measurement phases to compare and understand data, you can count on us at every step of the project to:


  • Define your metering plan and its technical start up;
  • Supportyou globally on the different steps of an energy management software implementation or a supervision system (building management system, energy management system, centralized technical management system), from integration to users training, considering cyber security issues;
  • Detect driftsof your energy consumptions, checkup the results obtained and make recommendations for improvements.


In France
  • Businesses : Schneider, EDF, Airbus, Dassault, Vinci facilities, Safegate Thorn, Rio Tinto Alcan, Bouygues, Starwood hotel, Sermas-Industrie, Sames, Carbone Savoie, Air Liquide, Stepan Europe, Weiss, Bull, ILL, Caterpillar, Eurocopter, Copal, Montupet, NTN-SNR…
  • Airports : Villacoublay, Paris airports, Vatry, Saint Yan, Bordeaux, Nice, Dole, Lyon, Lille, Auxerre, Pau, Polynésie, Île de la Réunion, Nouvelle-Calédonie, Cayenne, Saint Pierre & Miquelon, Martinique, Guadeloupe...
  • Businesses : ADEREE (Maroc), Al Omrane (Maroc) , Rio TINTO (Cameroun), Asecna (Sénégal), EDM (Mali), Starwood (Sénégal), Colair (Roumanie), Safegate (Dubai, Australie), Schneider (Qatar), Airbus, Montupet, Dalkia (Dubai), Esight Energy (London), Montupet (Bulgarie)...
  • Airports : Jeddah (Arabie Saoudite), Sanaa (Yémen), Zadar (Croatie), Larnaca (Chypre), Téhéran (Iran), Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), Alep (Syrie), Manille (Philippines), Bezmer (Bulgarie), Baneasa (Roumanie), Debrecen (Hongrie), Montevideo (Uruguay), Djibouti (Djibouti), Garoua (Cameroun), Melbourne (Australie), ADCO (Emirats), Nanosny (Azerbaïdjan), Bata (Guinée Equatoriale), Libreville (Gabon), Dakar (Sénégal), Bongkot (Thaïlande), Italy (Roma)...

Example of accomplishments

Certifications, labels or price

Automatique&Industrie ranked among the best players in energy efficiency According to the French magazine of economy, "Décideurs Stratégie Droit Finance".


French certification MASE: attests the company improves security, health and environment respect in its operations. 


Involved in corporate responsibility approach. The immaterial capital of AI was evaluated by an independant agence. We got 14,7/20 in customers capital and 15/20 in human capital.

AI received a trophee from a French radio chanel at the end of 2016, for its caring way of management.

Key figures

Staff: 80
Turnover: 6.4 millions euros
International turnover: 2 000 000 Euros


Mr Pascal MIOCHE
Phone: +(33) 4 76 93 79 90
Fax: +(33) 4 76 93 79 91


Advices - Building - Consultancy - Energy efficiency - Engineering - Industry - Photovoltaïc - Service provider - Wind power

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