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Design Office - Engineering
901 av Alphonse LAVALLEE
83088 - TOULON - France
Phone: +33 4 94 48 25 63
Fax: +33 4 94 48 25 81

Sector of intervention

Air quality and odours control - Energy efficiency - Noise and vibration
Under sector of intervention
Energy efficiency - Indoor air quality - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering


ATISYS CONCEPT's activities focus on three areas. The energy sector with metrology of pilot sites and platforms, performance monitoring and the conduct of studies and research into innovative solutions. Technological innovation with the study and development of instrumentation, control and command and regulation solutions for custom-designed systems (energy, acoustics, process dynamics). IT assistance and outsourcing to organizations and companies that deliberately wish to outsource this type of task to recognized and certified MCSA specialists. The company also produces a wireless sensor system based on the IEEE 802.15.4 communication standard that specializes in non-intrusive measurement of indoor climate and energy consumption.


Plusieurs grandes références en France et à l'international

Key figures

Staff: 15
Turnover: --
International turnover: --


Phone: +33 4 94 48 25 63


Advices - Air - Building - Cleantech - Consultancy - Energy efficiency - Industry - Noise

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