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Component manufacturers - Manufacturer
114 chemin de St-Marc
06130 - Grasse - France
Phone: +33(0) 4 93 70 05 91
Fax: +33(0) 4 93 40 44 24

Sector of intervention

Biodiversity and landscape - Water infrastructure
Under sector of intervention
Mechanical-physical processes - Protection of the biodiversity - Water filtering in tap - point of use


Our company designs and manufactures nebulization equipments to optimize the
hygrometry for various industrial applications and the preservation of fresh products for the
food industry. For retail supermarkets, our equipments maintain the freshness of products
on the shelves (fruits and vegetables, fish, cheeses, meats) and significantly improve lifetime
of the food products. Our technology offers all guarantees of safety and complies with the
norms in force, it is 100% natural.
Our business approach has been rewarded at the departmental, regional and national level.
10% of turnover re-invested in R & D, we currently have 24 patents and 10 brands.
R & D is a strategic focus for the company, we have 4 engineers.


We are present in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Germany. Europe is a major axis of development
as well as North America where we have a commercial subsidiary for our businesses in US and Canada.

Example of accomplishments

ARECO Export

(pdf - 4.35 Mo)

Certifications, labels or price

• Jean-Jacques Matern 2001
• Technology and Innovation 2007
• SIPEC 2008 Award
• Classe Export 2009
• INPI innovation 2010
• ECO 2012
• Social responsibility and national collaboration 2014

Key figures

Staff: 85
Turnover: --
International turnover: 8 M€ CA total dont 10% à l'exportation


Chef des ventes export
Phone: + (33) 7 86 41 48 59



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