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Design Office - Engineering - Component manufacturers - Manufacturer - Service Company
116, rue du Grand Treuil
87100 - Limoges - France
Phone: +33 5 87 03 80 59

Sector of intervention

Energy efficiency - Environmental development - Risk - Water infrastructure
Under sector of intervention
Eco-design and clean technologies - Energy efficiency - Environmental and social Investments - Industrial ecology - Industrial risks - Life cycle analysis, auditing and diagnostics - Management of fluids and networks - Natural risks - Prevention of industrial risks - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering - Technical Centres - Training in preventing industrial risks - Wastewater - Water filtering in tap - point of use - Water re-use and saving - Water saver


In two years, Aquassay has become a supplier of industrial and environmental performance solution for smart factory (under the brand eDATAMOTIC) with a specialization on water management, but our technology can, of course, handle any type of data and in particular that of the other utilities of an industrial or commercial site (energy, steam, gas, ...).
eDATAMOTIC is 100% "plug and play":
1 - a very wide capacity of equipments to connect facilities, collect, format and centralize data (whatever their natures and sources: sensors, automata, recorders, displays, point analyzes, databases, declarations, etc.)
2 - a SaaS application on a private cloud, scalable and secure for data management and IT architecture (= no installation, maintenance and evolution of the IT architecture)
3- a suite of web applications configurable according to your needs, allowing the advanced exploitation of the data, in real time. Beyond the basic functions (visualization, report, qualified alerts, qualification of data, ...), the most advanced functions are those of real-time calculations (predictive and prescriptive models, expert systems, standardization), as well as the capacity of comparative study and integrated on all types of perimeters (long history, reference period, geographical, type of installation or operation, etc.).
Our subscription solution makes it possible to transform a traditional industrial site into a connected smart factory, with real-time functional monitoring and performance analysis of its facilities.




Example of accomplishments

Interface et opwee light.jpg(jpg - 60.67 Ko)
OPWEE-interface.jpeg(jpeg - 308.73 Ko)
Unboxing.jpeg(jpeg - 13.24 Ko)
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OPWEE-install-armoire.jpg(jpg - 3.54 Mo)

Certifications, labels or price

Ranked in the 10 eco-innovative companies to be followed in 2017 (Cleantech Panorama 2017, GreenUnivers), Aquassay is the winner of the Cleantech Open France 2016 competition (Water and waste category), member of the BPI excellence club and the HYDREOS and ALPHA clusters.

Key figures

Staff: 17
Turnover: --
International turnover: --


Mr Jean-Emmanuel Gilbert
Directeur du Développment
Phone: +33 5 87 03 80 59


Cleantech - Consultancy - Energy efficiency - Engineering - Environmental development - Industry - Risk - Smart grid - Sustainable - Waste - Water

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