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Component manufacturers - Manufacturer - Design Office - Engineering
4 Rue Blaise Pascal Zone "les Jardins d'Entreprises" Immeuble Technopolis Batiment A CS 90198
28004 - Chartres - France
Phone: +(33) 2 37 88 08 00
Fax: +(33) 2 37 28 22 33

Sector of intervention

Water infrastructure
Under sector of intervention
Sewage treatment plant - Sewage, industrial, cleansing and dredging sludge


AQUALTER Construction capabilities is to perform turnkey contract for potable or waste water treatment plants. AQUALTER Construction provides detailed design, manufactures mechanical or electrical equipment and operates water treatment plants both in urban and industrial fields.

As a member of National Union of Industries of Wastewater Treatment ( SYNTEAU affiliated with the UIE – national union of industries and companies of water and environment -and the National Federation of Public Works), AQUALTER Construction holds a Class 5 professional authorization for sewage treatment plants up to 150.000 population equivalent.

By his references (over 800), AQUALTER Construction is positioned as the 4th French company in the field of water treatment.
Throughout its experience, AQUALTER Construction makes available to worldwide clients, all its skills and capabilities in the field of water treatment.


In France
  • Construction Turnkey Contracts: Waste Water treatment plants of Vallée de l’Auzon (47.000 PE), Sorgues (60.000 PE), Vallée du Gapeau (80.000 PE), Freyming (49.000 PE). Papèterie de Voiron et de Lancey (360 000 EqH). Potable Water Plants : Lusignan (60 m3/h), Verneuil l’étang (100 m3/h).
  • Operation and Maintenance Contracts: L’aigle (20.000 PE), Orgeval (12.000 PE), Livron (15.000 PE).



Water treatment plant of Danone Moscow (50.000 PE), Lactalis Moscow (10.000 PE), Bongrain Pribina Czech Republic, (40.000 PE), Danone Belgium (51.000 PE).

Key figures

Staff: 125
Turnover: 38 millions euros
International turnover: 3 millions euros


Phone: +(33) 2 37 88 08 00
Fax: +(33)


Consultancy - Engineering - Manufacturer - Methanisation - Water

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