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Component manufacturers - Manufacturer - Design Office - Engineering
1, rue Jean Torlais
17000 - La Rochelle - France
Phone: +(33) 5 46 28 77 60

Sector of intervention

Water infrastructure
Under sector of intervention
Regulations - Audit - Consultancy - Studies and Engineering


ADEQUATEC is a French innovating company on water treatment market which proposes a new technology for thickening and dehydration of biological sludge with very low energy consumption which allows:
•     An easy, automatic and reliable exploitation;
•     Low costs of operation
For this reason, ADEQUATEC received in 2010 the innovation prize in Eco technologies distinguished by French Ministry of ecology and the ADEME (Energy Saving Agency).
ADEQUAPRESS Technology offers exceptional advantages compared with technologies already present on the market (centrifuge and belt press filters) and particularly a very low electricity consumption (20 to 50 times less) and very low operating and maintenance cost (3 to 6 times less).
The originality of the ADEQUAPRESS lies in the clever design of its self-cleaning drum. Indeed, contrary to the classical perforated sieve drums which can be clogged easily, ADEQUAPRESS drum is composed of a succession of  fixed rings and mobile rings slipping one to another ENSURING a continuous self-cleaning without back-washing water consumption.
With less than 10 kWh of installed capacity working per ton dehydrated dry matters, the ADEQUAPRESS makes it possible to its customers not only to save money and to reduce their carbon impact, but also to use renewable energies (PV, wind…) for its power supply. They can thus make savings of more than 30% on the electricity consumption of a sewage treatment plant.


In France

More than forty references since 2005 with all water companies : Veolia, Suez, Saur, municipalities (Belley (01), Bourges (18), Dijon (21),...)


City of SAINT PETERSBOURG in Russia with VEOLIA WATER, Medite Europe in Ireland

Example of accomplishments

(pdf - 791.33 Ko)

Pitch in French 20 years CAI(pdf - 1.66 Mo)
Quiz ADEQUATEC(pdf - 231.92 Ko)

Key figures

Staff: 5
Turnover: 1.1 millions euros
International turnover: 125 000 euros


Mr Frédéric GALLOIS
Ingénieur Technico-commercial
Phone: +(33) 5 46 28 77 60


Cleantech - Consultancy - Energy efficiency - Engineering - Industry - Manufacturer - Methanisation - Sustainable - Waste - Water

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